Guest lecture: Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson talk - Notebook Image.jpg

On Friday March 3rd at 6pm the Modern and Contemporary Colloquium (MACC) will host its first guest speaker of the Spring 2017 semester, Professor Peter Robinson. The lecture will take place in Room 106 of the NYU Department of English at 244 Greene St. It is entitled ‘Sound Sense and the Composition of Poetry’.

Professor Robinson has very kindly shared with us the first chapter from his forthcoming new book,  The Sound Sense of Poetry, which attendees are invited – though not obligated – to read in advance of the lecture. To ask for a .pdf of the chapter, or if you have any queries about the event, please email Richard Porteous (

The Sound Sense of Poetry is to be published by Cambridge University Press in the coming year. Its project is to explore the relationship between the compositional attunements of poetic composition, called here the ‘sound sense’ of a poem, and the process of reading techniques that enable this sound sense to be incorporated in reception. In the course of discussing such much-used binaries as meter and rhythm, sound and sense, reason and rhyme, and thought and feeling, this discussion reassesses the roles of writer and reader agencies, their selves and subjects, reevaluating, too, the place of promissory activity and of ‘uptake’ in speech act theory when applied to the poetic art.

In his lecture, Peter Robinson will review the sources of his new book’s convictions in his experiences of composing poetry. At the heart of the discussion will be the impulse and motivation in the evaluation and revision of draft texts, and the principles involved in deciding that a work is completed.

Click here for a link to Professor Peter Robinson’s bio and research interests at the University of Reading, England.


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